Sample Work

podcastsI have experience creating podcasts, both long and short. The first podcast is a short one, where I provide brief information about myself. This one is set entirely to music. The second podcast is longer. It is an example of a podcast lecture I might give. The audience is freshmen enrolled in HES 100, a compass course designed to introduce freshman enrolled in the College of Human Environmental Sciences at the University of Alabama to college life and research. The topic is an introduction to library services, something that every freshman should know. It is general in most area, but has information that is specific to the College of Human Environmental Sciences. There is some introductory music, Yea Alabama, our fight song to add a little school spirit, and the piece closes with the music as well.

Podcast I (Duration: 4:07)

Podcast II (Duration: 30:08)

camtasiaI also have experience creating learning objects and informational products using Camtasia Studio. Below, you will see a variety of examples. These include a Powerpoint with a video embedded, a tutorial, a Powerpoint with voice, and a combination of powerpoint and screencapture with voice. Click on the linked text or image to view the actual product.

I. Powerpoint with PiP (Picture in Picture)

(Duration: 13:41)

Pam Pip Background: This is meant to mimic a conference presentation. There is a video of me in the lower right hand corner (except when the video interferes with the layout of the presentation, but you can still hear my voice). There is a table of contents for those who wish to skip to or repeat a particular part of the presentation.

II. Sample Camtasia Tutorial (Duration: 5:15)

tradejournalsBackground: This is a short, very specific tutorial. It is part of a larger class that I do in person. It is “branded.” Based on my research for my degree, I have come to believe that a tutorial should be short in duration. This tutorial also features zoom in and call outs (circles and arrows), musts for websites that present a lot of information on the page. This tutorial could be combined with other tutorials to form a complete class. But it can also stand alone.

III: Sample Guided Tour: Powerpoint and Screencapture with Voice (Duration: 9:28)

picasa guided tourBackground: This is a modification of the product below. It is enhanced with the live screenshots that show how to use the product.

IV. Sample Overview: Powerpoint with voice (Duration: 3:33)

picasa overview

Background: This is my first multimedia project. I chose Picasa because I like photo editing software. It is interesting to compare this to my later products.


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