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Online Tutorials: A Synthesis of Findings

Academic libraries have been using online tutorials are used with the purpose of either supplementing or entirely replacing traditional library instruction. Before creating any tutorial, there are many considerations. What is the investment of staff, time, training and other resources? … Continue reading

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Learning Objectives for Librarians

Tuscaloosa, Alabama. It’s been a lengthy hiatus, for reasons I’ll not go into, but now I’m back.  The Spring semester ended abruptly, and Summer is a time for clean up and planning for Fall. My department had a “brown bag” … Continue reading

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Tutorials: The importance of review/testing

I recently created some tutorials and had some classmates, most of whom are not familiar with the library website take a look at them.  One was a word tutorial, the other was a Camtasia tutorial (but the same topic as … Continue reading

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Tutorial Creation: Lessons Learned

I recently created a library tutorial for a class assignment.  It showed people how to locate trade journals, and if my understanding of Bloom’s Taxonomy is correct, the cognitive skills are lower level ones.  Peer review has been positive, so … Continue reading

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